Growing up with a father as a builder, construction has been in my life for as long as I can remember. In fact, I learned how to drive a Kobelco at 9 years old...way before I learned how to drive a car. In 2021 I graduated from Alabama with a degree in public relations. Following graduation, I moved to Nashville where I was a marketing assistant for a civil engineering firm.
While in Nashville, I was inspired by the sprawling homes in Belle Meade, vibrant murals in 12South, the lively spirit of Broadway, and...the civil engineers completing their CAD work at my office job. These influences made me realize where I eventually want my career to lead. I packed up my life and headed back up North to work as an assistant designer for my family’s construction business. I love expressing my creative ideas while learning the building process. 
Every home is unique. I enjoy capturing them in a way that attracts potential buyers, while also highlighting the builder/homeowner's design choices.